Thursday, October 1, 2015

...thats a Lot of JUNK!

NOTE: No malicious intent to any fellow JUNK~STUFF Lovers out there.........

We went to visit my MIL in ICU last night - she's still groggy, but coming around...  In trying to make conversation, we were showing her pics from our phones.  We were telling her about our booth at the Antique Co-Op (the one 'plus' of Alzheimer's - EVERY time you tell the person something, it is Brand New!).  We showed her (the EXTREME MINIMALIST & devout Catholic) this picture of 1/2 the booth.  Her eyes grew WIDE...
"HOLY!  That's a LOT OF JUNK!"
*okay, so maybe you 'had to be there' to really chuckle....

Anyways, I can only imagine her reaction to...
The back of our Subaru after I returned from the Inaugural October rummage sale!!!   The WONDEROUS sale where EVERYTHING IS .25c each (Except paperbacks=.10c) !!
...bits for ReSale.
~ Some last minute additions to our Ugly Xmas Collection (Amazing the $$ people will pay as soon as the calendar reads DECEMBER!)
~ Massive quantities of Mega Bloks- has anyone ever tried selling these?
~ Gurley Turkey! or it will become a 'keeper'!
...bits to keep
~ Fashion mags, Sterling chains&bracelet, NIP Bath & Bodyworks, and Ann Taylor sundress - who says I don't 'live large'??!
~ tissue & wrapping - can never have too much for shipping stuff!
~ I'm seeing those topiaries covered in white or green SEAGLASS!
~ May part with a 'few' of the plastic deer- maybe...
...and crafting fodder Galore! (Does anybody have any info on Santa & Reindeer in bottom right?  They are made of wax!!)

I MUST stop 'playing' and get Productive!  For Pepper-Grape Jelly is calling!!!
Besides, there is ANOTHER rummage sale on Fri (tomorrow) and FOUR (4!) on Saturday!!!!

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Anonymous said...

25c an item induces incredible junk envy!