Thursday, April 30, 2015

...S & J

The sun is FINALLY shining in Central NY!
Temps in the 60's (today)!
Life is GOOD!

I forgot to post Our favorite 'find' from the night Rummage Sale last week...   The first thing that J spotted ((and grabbed)) were Two 24" wood letters.  They ONLY had two of them - or else we would have taken them all, but isn't it Ironic - and FUN, that the two they had were an 'S' and a 'J'?!!

I'm trying something different (ie: 'playing around') with my blog photos and layout, so bare with me... 

The last couple of weeks have been a plethora of sales - Estate & Rummage!  We have had some FUN FINDS and some FUN ROADTRIPS in the process.  Here are some of the 'goods':

An old metal dust pan
...just waiting to be given a little TLC.
I've been wanting one of these for a while!

Pretty good 'chance' find!  Check this final sale price!

CUTCO Knife Block ($1)
AMETHYST GumDrop Tree!

S&P 'Tree' -
Retro-Resin MUSHROOM!

MacKenzie CHILDS mug ($1)

and J's favorite 'quarter' find, a
Village" GOOD LUCK tiki glass/mug!
NIP #60 Serta Sheep

We were recently the recipients of our FIRST FreeCycle item:
... a white Cheapo-but-functional 6't x 2'w 'book case'!
and, enroute to pick it up, I garbage picked a similar size in 'wood tone'!!

Now, shelving is a 'hot commodity' - always the FIRST thing scarfed up at any sale!!  To get TWO - free for the taking and TLC, was a shear stroke of LUCK!!
The 'wood-grain' one is getting some paint and a sprucing - then headed to our new 'booth'.  The white one will be getting some paint, then I have plans for it at our house!  I will show photos as this materializes!

Hey, it's almost Friday...  and you know what that means!!!


Shara said...

Great find on that bowl and a great final price! yes! Guess what I did today? Cruised the university dorm dumpsters looking for castoff shelving. Because I am DESPERATE for shelving. It is the hardest thing to find. Glad you are getting Spring - all the flowers are gone, but it's green and gorgeous here. I'm not complaining....yet. :)

*The I'm not a robot feature asked me about CAKE. Now I need cake. So, thanks for that.

EM said...

Shelving is indeed so hard to find! And I seem to sell a shelf every other day, no matter ow high I price it. Great finds. Love that you found the letters S and J.