Monday, September 22, 2014

...Chances are

Sweater Clip #6
A STELLAR weekend here in Central NY!!
BEAUTIFUL crisp and sunny Fall weather...
GREAT friends...
FUN 'chance' finds!!!
FRIDAY started with a sale at a local B&B (Bed & Breakfast) that was doing a HUGE Purge!! All at AWESOME PRICES!!
At the B&B I found a bag FULL of sealed boxes of Coffee Pods.  Now, I don't generally purchase 'edibles' from sales, but these were SEALED boxes and each of the 'pods' inside are individually packed in SEALED foil pouches!!  We didn't have a Pod Brewer at home (just a Kcup brewer), but this box also contained a next-to-new Melitta Brewer.  Sooo I just couldn't walk away from 176+ various flavored / strength coffee pods and Brewer.  Never tried one of these before, but for $10. I took a chance.  Ended up printing 'instructions' for it off the internet, and now I'm hooked! (and it all came in a MacKenzie Childs bag - BONUS!!)

This same sale had LARGE QUANTITIES of Scrapping / Card Making supplies !(?)  Paper Cutters, die cuts, stickers, scissors, books, mags, papers, + + !  I tried to behave and only bought a couple of small boxes of die cut letters (.10¢ ea), and a lighted paper cutter ($1.) and a gallon bag of GLITTER GLUE STICKS - at the time I had No Idea if they were dried out or not.  They were only a $1 for all ~ Worth the chance!!
(*Only two of the 50 in the bag were No Good!)

VERA Scarves - 2014 #5 ($1.25), #6 (.50¢)

SATURDAY had me on the road Bright & Early for a 1+hr. drive to meet up with some of my 'besties'.  Destination:  a small village on the shore of Lake Ontario for their annual 'Town Wide Garage Sale'.  More of a FALL FESTIVAL - with the historic museum ladies hosting a pie / chili concession, cub scouts cooking hot dogs, misc. sales with gourds, pumpkins, local grapes, fresh apples and just about every 'structure' having some kind of 'STUFF' for sale!...  ALL within a 'good healthy' walking perimeter!  It has become a yearly tradition w/ Me and My Girls!
I HOPE this past weekend was a sign of all the GOOD THINGS the season upon has to hold!!

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Rob and Monica said...

It sounds like you had a GREAT weekend! The pods and coffee maker were a steal at $10! I like the idea of a pie/chili concession stand. I never heard of that combination before but I am intrigued by the idea! (Rob)