Monday, August 25, 2014

...what to do...what to do?!

I'm still here!
Just been enjoying the out-of-doors more than doing time on the computer ~
Farmer's Almanac says that this winter is going to be worse than last year's, we better enjoy it while we can!!

While J & I were out for our evening walk the other day, I came across the 'droppings' of a Large Oak Tree ~

NO! I am not trying to squirrel these things away for the looonng Winter, but I couldn't resist gathering a 'pocket' full and bringing them home... 
But, NOW WHAT TO DO with them?  I baked them already to destroy any 'unwanted guests', I've spraypainted a few to make into pendants...  ANYONE out there have any suggestions??

It's definitely looking like 'the.end.of.summer' in the gardens...

Harvesting of the lanterns is just about a full-time job (in between rain!!) 

I guess before we know it, it REALLY will be Fall

I'm 'almost' getting a little excited about it ;-)


acorn hollow said...

Our oak trees are dropping a lot of acorns the old guy in town said that is a sign of a bad winter to come (they are food for deer). I love your lanterns!
Fall is coming fast. acorns if you glue the caps on you can make a nice sting of them to decorate with.

Shara said...

Do those lanterns come from seeds or bulbs? I would guess seeds. They are beautiful. I have never seen those around here.

I always freeze my acorns. Baking makes sense too. Those wiggly varmits inside are SO GROSS!

Its nearly 100 again today so Fall cannot come quick enough for ME!