Tuesday, July 22, 2014

...lavender love.

A GREAT journey of a vacation was taken since our paths last crossed!
Refreshing! Inspiring! Always Endearing.
(**Pay close attention to the hints - the first one who can guess the THREE states we stayed in will receive the copy of the book I read ~which was 'awesome, by the way, and fit in with this trip perfectly'~**)

These are the paths that I explored for three days while 'J' was off at work - no typical paved sidewalks for this portion of town!!

'Whites Park' where I would hike up to and spend a few hours each day reading 'BODY SURFING', and duck watching...

One of the 'little' shacks I would pass on my way up to the park...

When I didn't eat lunch at the pond, I ate it in the park at the Capitol Bldg!!

Then it was off to the East for some salty air and some of the crustaceons that J loves so much!!
Then it was back for a little 'site seeing' and a little 'business' in our own state...
It was sooo nice waking up on more than one occassion to this view out our window!

I could SERIOUSLY get used to this!!

~BUT~ as with all trips,
it was
to get back home again!
While in one of the 'quaint' little towns, I learned of lavender tea.  So, one of the first things I did when I came home was harvest my Lavender! (*In my 'new' vacation garage sale find vintage confetti bowl w/ two handles - $1 !! - KEEPER!!).  Lav. Tea sounded disgusting, but it is actually quite luscious - with a bit of sweetener!

What else did I 'find' on vacay you ask?

VERA 2014 #2 $.40 (A PAIR OF NAPKINS!)


VERA 2014 #4 $1.00 (SCARF)

So, have you figured out our whole itinerary?? Didn't vary much from previous years!!


Shara said...

I don't know where you went, but it looks lovely! Nice junk and a nice journey- it can't get better than that!

Vintage Christine said...

Hi! I have no clue where you went but wherever it was, it looked beautiful! The whole time I wasn't blogging I was still, for some unknown reason, looking for sweater clips, which is ridiculous since no one really needs sweaters down here. Well, except for last winter when it really DID get cold, but we were bundling up in more than sweaters! Lavender tea is delish and goes very well with scones and cookies, btw. Cheers!

svelteSTUFF said...

okay... so nobody wanted to play. We stayed in the capitol of NH - Concord, the beach at York, Maine and then took the scenic route back through Maine, NH, VT, NY spending the night in Lake Placid then continuing on through the Adirondack Mountains of NY up to the 1,000 Islands for lunch in A-Bay, then spent a night on the East end of Lake Ontario in Sacketts Harbour, then home again... home again...