Monday, August 27, 2012

...diversion tactics

Fan $1, Old drying Rack $1
Before I start this post I think that I should thank BARBARA at OODLES for holding such an Amazing sale this weekend.  Though I live a mere 15 minutes from her, I did not attend on Saturday morning... but I think that everyone else in a 3 county radius must have - which left me with 'clear saling, and good pickings'!!  Soooooo... "THANK YOU BARBARA - hope you did well at your sale, and we await your stories of the weekend!"

 Everywhere I went, there seemed to be scarves... scarves... scarves... and we all know my weakness for scarves - especially when they are great old retro scarves and priced at 2 for .25cents...
 and I find a name like this...
VERA (2012 #12 12.5cents)
...and LOTS of FUN other things that!

Do you know what this is?  Took me a while!  VICTORIAN BUTTER DISH! "Shouldn't it have a Cow on top instead of a Steer?"
Soft-sided floral suitcase, box of misc. ornaments ($1)
"In 'the silver'"... well, 'silverplate' that is!!  Sweet Loving Cup with GREAT DETAILS!!!
THREE twirly ornaments that were in the bottom of the Christmas box, and a small Chalkboard I found in a FREE BOX
'TINY' indent Tree Topper, also in the Christmas Ornie box...

...details of my 'silver strike'!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

ooh, I LOVE that bovine butter dish! Very, very cool. And the loving cup is fantastic too! Really great finds.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Lovely finds, I'm always amazed at how fancy Victorian dishware and serving pieces are, serving butter would be quite the production with that dish! Please let me know if you ever part with those twirling plastic Christmas ornaments, my grandmother had a set but unfortunately they were lost in a cross country move.

Shara said...

She shoots, she SCORES! Great finds! Love that old fan. I have three in my very carefully organized shed. HA! I do have three, but I never found them all summer.

Love the coW!

grunge-queen said...

Nice haul. I'm having a happy flashback over the Christmas tree ornaments - my parents still have a retro tree topper similar to yours, which I love!

svelteSTUFF said...

Leilani - click on my PINTEREST button, I have a folder of 'WHAT's SELLIN' and the TWIRLIES are already in there!!
Heidi- your recent post on 'loving cups' inspired me to pick up the silvered pieces... 8-) THANKS!

Barbara said...

Happy to help, although I wasn't exactly overrun - just a nice steady crowd. There were a LOT of intriguing sales last weekend, none of which I made it to, obviously!