Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...'Don't send me flowers,'

'Don't send me flowers,...
...just the vase (or planter, or urn, or...) is fine!'While sorting through my pottery the other day, I found myself daydreaming (once again) as to what it would have been like to have lived in the 50's. Oh, come on - don't EVEN try to tell me that the thought has Never crossed YOUR mind!!
Imagine florists having stacks of these catalogs on their shelves...
Haeger, Hull, McCoy, Shawnee, Kenwood...
"Let's see if anybody has anything new or different this Spring..."
"Who has the best prices..."
These were just 'the-run-of-the-mill' containers to deliver flowers in!!!
Why-oh-Why do we get stuck we cheapo flimsy plastic or boring pressed glass vases today??
So, how did I get into this delicious daydream you may ask? Okay... you probably didn't - but I'm going to tell you anyway!
Anybody out there in the market for a beautious Solid Oak, Mission Style entertainment center?
I have finally conceded to a LARGE flat screen, wall mounted TV,
but first things first...
entertainment center must find a new home,
do you see what is on top of the ent. ctr.???
green agate.
which is going to get relocated to....
the Computer Room.
The particular shelving unit that I have in mind for it has a Big Ole Mish~Mash on it... misc. Haeger...Bennington...VERA China... inherited Waterford... and my entire Shawnee / Kenwood Pottery collection (yes, I'm a closet Shawnee collector...).
Most of the small, misc. collections are being purged - so to ease my anxiety I'm daydreaming while dusting and sorting to 'go' !! 8o
it's been a good trip.
(anybody interested in giving them a good home... they are coming to svelteSTUFFj ETSY store SOON!!!!)


Shara said...

I took a big load of pottery to one of my booths a week ago. I have more to take to the other booth too. Sometimes you just have to pick your favorites and get rid of the rest. *Sniff. It's hard to do though, isn't it?

Mom Walds Place said...

They're so tasty looking like candy. Your shop is going to be ready for spring!