Friday, October 7, 2011

...~ ~ wiggle ~ ~ wiggle ~ ~ wiggle ~ ~

The Fall RUMMAGE Season is upon us, and I couldn't be HAPPIER!!
'Opening Day' (for me) was yesterday, with another today and tomorrow...
Old Lion Head Door Knocker
a dozen Polands & Indents for 75¢

a couple of heart wreath forms and red garland for making Valentine wreaths ~ .25¢
...but, here's where I start ~~wiggling~~
for TEN PENNIES, I bought this old craft book from the 1950's...
I bought it just on a whim...
just because I like shells, and thought it would be 'fun' to look through.
I have NO DESIRE to do the TEDIOUS work involved in making shell jewelry!
I definitely am not that precise of a person,
nor are my eyes good enough for that!!
Oh, maybe the purchase of this book had a 'wee-bit' to do with this itty-bitty habit I have of bringing home any shell jewelry that I happen to find 'dirt cheap' at sales..... WHY? dunno. Do I collect it? NO!
Do I have a special fondness for it? ...yeh, guess so...
Does it have a special home in a back guest room on a valance for all to see? ...yeh, it does.
Guilty on all charges - BUT I DON'T COLLECT IT!!
and as I was flipping through my 10 cent book, what to my wondering eyes should appear?
An actual section on my Beloved SWEATER GUARDS!!!!
I don't think that I have E.V.E.R. seen 'anything' about sweaterclips /sweater guards in PRINT before!!
Believe it or not, I have always been VERY partial to these 'shell' sweater guards! They have a PROMINENT place of display on one of my bird cages!!
I had always thought that they were mass produced to be sold at tourist 'junk shops' (some I KNOW were, 'cause I have their original tags), but now I wonder if any were 'handmade'??
Want to see just a few of mine??
that turquoise (in the above photo) was one of my very first sweater clips!
(Yes, I will admit, I am this anal and do have ALL of my sweater clips / guards arranged according to styles ~ materials ~ chain types ... It's just me & who I am.)

Adore the one on the far right!
there it is up close - isn't it a BEAUTY?!!
Okay, Okay - I could go on, and on, and on, and on with them - but I think you have seen enough 'pretty pictures' for one day 8-), so I won't bore you any longer! You get the idea - the book was a SWEET Surprise!
Isn't that the FUN of saling - the unknown?! I think that is what keeps me going!! I'm sure that 10 cent book would have ZERO value to almost Anyone else, but to me, it was almost priceless!


Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, I have never seen anything in print pertaining to sweater guards/clips either! What a great find!!

Heidi said...

I am drawn to the tacky shell jewelry too! I only have a couple of earrings but for some reason I find it totally fascinating. Your shell sweater clips are really pretty!

Shara said...

That book was there for you to find. It was kismet!

Vintage Christine said...

I love that shell jewelry as well but I never seem to find it without a chip or two. Hmmmm, one of those shell sweater clips looks vaguely familiar . . . I found a few more (always thinking of you, Sue) but I need to send you pix to see if you want/need them. Hopefully I'll get around to it soon. PS--I would've paid even MORE to get that book!!!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Want. Thant. Doorknocker!!