Saturday, June 25, 2011

...will this be enough to save her?

I adore our Tulip Tree!
My parents have always had tons of Tulip trees!
... straight, and perfectly shaped,
...blossom every year on Father's Day,
MANY, MANY years ago, I took one of their babies for my very own...
She is now taller than our three story house...
and rapidly outgrowing our 'city lot'
and Wikipedia says she'll average out at about 100' tall.
She is also HEAVY in Nectar ~ ie: drops sap allover the ground, making a sticky mess & attracting bees!!
To top it off, in the MANY years that we've had her... she's never produced a flower...
So I finally conceded that it would be best to 'do away with her'.
She wasn't in our 'pruning budget' this year.

Guess what she did this year?!


Louise said...

Well, there, she's just insured her continued existence. She has beautiful leaves, and mature trees offer such wonderful shade. I think she deserves a stay of execution!

Mom Walds Place said...

Oh My how lovely! A friend of mine drove three states away to get one of those. NOW I know why, thanks.