Friday, May 13, 2011


"Unseasonably Mild"
When the weather station gives this report for Central NY, it is definitely cause for celebration! Every second of it has been maximized!!!!
Street sales are happening again!
(recently found the 3 NEW bottles of 'Happy' at an upscale street Sale for 25¢ ea.)
The trees are finally blossoming!
No 'stellar' finds while 'saling', but small finds ~ like this wreath tote, which is a perfect fit for my ornament heart wreath for $2, made my day 8-) ! (Made J's day too ~ now it will F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. come down off the wall, since it can be packed away safely!!)
J's little tomato & pepper seedlings have found their way into the garden
('grow babies', 'PLEASE GROW')
Evening walks are producing some fun 'curbside pickings'
Can you say VERA?
This week produced 2011 #10 - 16 (at an avg. of 25¢ ea.!!)

Okay, that last photo was a whole slew of ECHO, PAOLI and other misc. that I just couldn't leave behind... (YES, I KNOW I HAVE a Serious Problem!!)
Just so that you don't think that I have forgone buying anything other than scarves, here are a few of my other recent 'pickings'... PYREX w/lid & stand, copper bucket, feng shui books, hankies, 'that other Vera' purse, (4) Portmeirion Pottery ~ Susan Williams Ellis Cups & Saucers, Oneida seafood forks & Lobster cracker (got to grab them when I can for our summer party!), stray cat salt shaker, Onion River Pottery covered bowl, bakelite bobbin holder. How's that for all over the spectrum?!


Andy said...

You won the giveaway on my blog! I think you are away. So email me when you are back.

Happy thrifting!

Vintage Christine said...

I have another sweater clip for you but I think you may already have it--it's pearls. I'll email a photo to ya and you can let me know if I should put it in "the box"! I'd love to go to a good rummage sale--for some reason the churches down here (and believe me, there are ALOT of churches in Mississippi!!!) don't have them. Maybe they think they're satanic because women really do seem kind of possessed when they're around bargains, ha ha.