Tuesday, January 23, 2024

...the 'B.E.S.T.' kind of enablers


   Around Thanksgiving 2023 I was hanging / drinking a bottle (or 2) of wine with a couple of my BESTIES (A & L)...  Out of the clear blue, L asked if I had ever sold the 'Daisy SeaGlass Mirror' that I had made? - if Not (which I hadn't!), she wanted to Buy it!  'A' immediately chirped in "OH! I always loved that, and now that I've repainted, had wished I had bought it!"



(*Of course 'A' got an IOU for a custom piece that is Now 'in the works' !)


Not a word in my daily vocabulary, or that I have ever given much thought to...

 I think 'true' BESTIES bring out The Best in us.
  My BESTIES, without knowing it, encouraged me to 'play' in my beloved SeaGlass... (something I had forgotten how much JOY it brought me!)
...they gave me an 'excuse' to get creative!

 and make Daisies on a cold, snowy January morning

 (when I 'probably' should have been doing 'responsible-grown up' things)

'BESTIES' are the people in your life that HONESTLY encourage you to be selfish! 

 They give you the 'Free Pass / Motivation' to have FUN & be PASSIONATE again!



be well!!

Friday, January 19, 2024


 Let me introduce you to...

 HONEY, The Headless, fat-bottomed Bunny!
One frigid morning, while doing a 'quik-dive' for packing supplies (bubble-wrap!!), I spotted this sweet clothed-styrofoam form amongst the plethora of packing foam...  
Okay, so her head was nowhere to be found, she still won my heart & willingly road shotgun, safely belted into the passenger seat of the Subaru for the rest of the morning's journey!!

I visited her 'Home', with hopes of discovering a bit of her ancestry...  Store Display?  Merch?  I met up with a few friends of hers, and one really SAD, Lonely Beau!
I've been searching out some suitable 'Donor-Heads' for HONEY...

 but just nothing has struck my Fancy or seems to live up to her affluent lineage!?!!

be well!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

...a shiny New Year 2024??

 Is there ANYONE still left in 'BLOGLAND'??

Well, if there is...  

Chez Chapman is sending you all positive vibes for the New Year!!
A LOT happened throughout 2023, chipping away at the 'tried, true & comfortable', but we are coming out on the otherside with a Stronger sense of what is Really important in our lives.

Traditions to be upheld...



Family to be cherished...

and everything that brings us JOY!!


Saturday, April 10, 2021

...when passions meet in April SUNSHINE

 This is what I'm talking about...

The sun has been shining in CNY, and the days are warming a bit.  EVERYONE wants to be outside!  Garage/Yard Sales are still sparse, I spend my 'down' time snooping through dumpsters and Gardening! 
 This past week I had a MAJOR 'Dive' SCORE of SIX (6!) pots of Easter Mini-Daffodils.  While they are past their 'BEST BY:' for this year, the bulbs planted in our garden will flourish in the future!!
Since I had been 'bit' by the Spring Gardening Bug, I gathered up a batch of seed packets (flower, herb & veggie!) that I had rescued from a discarded display last Fall (2020).  I am still trying to decide what to do with the stack of New Gathering Buckets I recently dove.  Tall, Skinny, WaterTight...  Any Ideas?? 
I then ventured to our basement & garage to gather an array of 'Potting Vessels', which will later be divested around our gardens!  While doing this I came across a 20# bag of potting soil that I had forgotten about (or should I say a Large grey tote, holding the contents of a 20# bag of potting soil)...  Isn't it silly that a Bag of Dirt 'has' to be tossed if it gets a little slit in the bag??! 

~FOUR pots of Canna Lily bulbs.  As a general rule, I plant NO bulbs that require attention EVERY change of season (gladiolus, dahlias, etc...)!  However, every rule has it's exceptions!  My Father had an affinity for Canna Lilies.  He left a LARGE legacy of Canna Lily bulbs!  Several members of our family are now trying to learn the art of growing these fickle plants.  We've potted them - it's up to you now Dad!
~ My 'growing plants from seeds' ability isn't exactly stellar, but in the Spring it always 'Sparks JOY' (lol!!).  So, amongst the pots are 'CILANTRO', 'BASIL', 'ROSEMARY', 'CHILI PEPPERS" and 'PANSIES"

The Easter Daffodils are all tucked in their new homes, trying to give us a little love by opening a fresh new blossom or two before they call it quits for 2021!

be well!

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Monday, 3-22-21 ~ Picture Perfect Spring Day in Central NY!

Went out to do a few errands, and of course I HAD to take a peak to see what was in the local dumpsters...  After ONE (1!) dive, this is what the back of my car look like!!
Such waste.
Can you see the 'BEST BEFORE' dates?!!

2 boxes cereal
12 32oz bottles Tampico Juice
3 bags Animal Crackers
11 packages Oatmeal Cookies
14 pkgs Chocolate covered Grahams
23 boxes of Mini Muffin packets
17 boxes crackers
12 boxes Fruit Snacks

...and this is only what I rescued - there was MUCH MORE!!

All this, from 1 day, at 1 store, in one relatively small town, in New York State.  

I can't even begin to imagine how much USEFUL stuff, that could REALLY be helping people, is tossed across our Country - every day, week, YEAR!


Well, this is one diverted boxful, being packed and delivered to people who will appreciate.

baby steps... baby steps... baby steps...

be well

Sunday, March 21, 2021

... 'K' is for


What is the story of Kokopelli?
There is another story from the Hopi Culture that talks about Kokopele being a hunchbacked member of the village who tricks the village beauty into having sex with him. Many believe that Kokopelli was more than a trader, and more significantly, an important conveyor of information and trinkets from afar.

For my 'personal Alphabet of Collections', 'K' was a deep dig.  Not a lot going on with 'K'!
This 'conveyor of information and trinkets from afar' gets the honor.

Numerous years ago, during the first of many visits to Arizona, I was 'introduced' to the image of Kokopelli.  A couple of trinkets with his image came home with me as souvenirs, and since then I often find them at sales... 'abandoned souvenirs of other peoples travels'.  NOT one of my many active collections (but I do have at least 3, so that makes it an official collection)!! I'm seldom inspired enough to rescue them and give them a new home, but they do bring back sweet memories.

It has become a joke with travel companions...  I seldom buy souvenirs during the trip (unless it I REALLY like it!!), because I know that I will find stuff on 'the cheap' at sales - and I get the added 'thrill of the hunt'.
Sometimes this method of souvenir acquisition has some added benefits!!
ex: Last summer, in accordance to 'social distancing guidelines', we went camping in Old Forge, NY.  We avoided the MANY souvenir shoppes, which didn't bother me in the least. 

Since then I have picked up a mug, sweatshirt and this vintage ashtray - for a grand total of under $1.00 !!
~The mug was used a couple of times & redonated.
~The sweatshirt was 'pre-shrunk' and 'worn-in', fitting Perfectly, and is now a 'go to' piece of my wardrobe.
~The ashtray, I did some research, and was easily able to find him a new home via eBay!!
The truly GREAT thing is that I never would have given this ashtray a second look if I hadn't been attracted to the 'OLD FORGE' souvenir aspect!!
Am I alone in this practice of 'souveniring' ? I'm curious - let me know in the comments!!

be well...

Monday, March 8, 2021

...the JOY of a 'Mystery Goody Bag'


Setting: March, in Central NY State, a balmy 30°, no wind, and even a bit of that 'bright thing in the sky'...
It's Monday, no saleing in sight.
Ahhh, but PERFECT for Diving!
Lo and Behold, I even came home with TWO (2!) Mystery/Goody Bags/Boxes (from here on out refered to as 'MGB')!!
For those of you not 'up' on your Diving Lingo...

MGB (aka 'Blind', 'Mystery', 'Goody'). (N): a contained bag / box that is full of shelf pulls or product.  No debris or 'trash'.  Generally rescued by a diver intact, and the contents are not examined/sorted until a later time.

and what did my MGB contain, you ask?!
MGB box:
Valentine leftovers! 
 (35) bags of lollipops
(10) heart-shaped boxes of chocolates
(9) bags of individually wrapped chocolates
(48+) boxes of valentines
...and more!

and the MGB bag:

Shelf pulls (at 'Sell By' date, or slightly damaged)! 
 (5) bags pretzel sticks
(24) Cheesecake / dip mix boxes
(2) boxes ccrackers
canned olives, stew, spaghettios, a candle and a sealed spice with a cracked lid. 

That's all 'fine' you say, but what do I do with it??

First, I take what we can use,
Then I invite our sweet neighbors to go shopping!!

The remainder is then divided up between family , local soup kitchen, Church surplus food pantry, and a friend who makes gift baskets for nursing homes / shut-ins!  There are so many people out there that TRULY appreciate all this 'waste'.
...only a small amount diverted from the landfill, but this is where it begins - right?

be well