Saturday, April 10, 2021

...when passions meet in April SUNSHINE

 This is what I'm talking about...

The sun has been shining in CNY, and the days are warming a bit.  EVERYONE wants to be outside!  Garage/Yard Sales are still sparse, I spend my 'down' time snooping through dumpsters and Gardening! 
 This past week I had a MAJOR 'Dive' SCORE of SIX (6!) pots of Easter Mini-Daffodils.  While they are past their 'BEST BY:' for this year, the bulbs planted in our garden will flourish in the future!!
Since I had been 'bit' by the Spring Gardening Bug, I gathered up a batch of seed packets (flower, herb & veggie!) that I had rescued from a discarded display last Fall (2020).  I am still trying to decide what to do with the stack of New Gathering Buckets I recently dove.  Tall, Skinny, WaterTight...  Any Ideas?? 
I then ventured to our basement & garage to gather an array of 'Potting Vessels', which will later be divested around our gardens!  While doing this I came across a 20# bag of potting soil that I had forgotten about (or should I say a Large grey tote, holding the contents of a 20# bag of potting soil)...  Isn't it silly that a Bag of Dirt 'has' to be tossed if it gets a little slit in the bag??! 

~FOUR pots of Canna Lily bulbs.  As a general rule, I plant NO bulbs that require attention EVERY change of season (gladiolus, dahlias, etc...)!  However, every rule has it's exceptions!  My Father had an affinity for Canna Lilies.  He left a LARGE legacy of Canna Lily bulbs!  Several members of our family are now trying to learn the art of growing these fickle plants.  We've potted them - it's up to you now Dad!
~ My 'growing plants from seeds' ability isn't exactly stellar, but in the Spring it always 'Sparks JOY' (lol!!).  So, amongst the pots are 'CILANTRO', 'BASIL', 'ROSEMARY', 'CHILI PEPPERS" and 'PANSIES"

The Easter Daffodils are all tucked in their new homes, trying to give us a little love by opening a fresh new blossom or two before they call it quits for 2021!

be well!

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