Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Monday, 3-22-21 ~ Picture Perfect Spring Day in Central NY!

Went out to do a few errands, and of course I HAD to take a peak to see what was in the local dumpsters...  After ONE (1!) dive, this is what the back of my car look like!!
Such waste.
Can you see the 'BEST BEFORE' dates?!!

2 boxes cereal
12 32oz bottles Tampico Juice
3 bags Animal Crackers
11 packages Oatmeal Cookies
14 pkgs Chocolate covered Grahams
23 boxes of Mini Muffin packets
17 boxes crackers
12 boxes Fruit Snacks

...and this is only what I rescued - there was MUCH MORE!!

All this, from 1 day, at 1 store, in one relatively small town, in New York State.  

I can't even begin to imagine how much USEFUL stuff, that could REALLY be helping people, is tossed across our Country - every day, week, YEAR!


Well, this is one diverted boxful, being packed and delivered to people who will appreciate.

baby steps... baby steps... baby steps...

be well

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