Monday, March 8, 2021

...the JOY of a 'Mystery Goody Bag'


Setting: March, in Central NY State, a balmy 30°, no wind, and even a bit of that 'bright thing in the sky'...
It's Monday, no saleing in sight.
Ahhh, but PERFECT for Diving!
Lo and Behold, I even came home with TWO (2!) Mystery/Goody Bags/Boxes (from here on out refered to as 'MGB')!!
For those of you not 'up' on your Diving Lingo...

MGB (aka 'Blind', 'Mystery', 'Goody'). (N): a contained bag / box that is full of shelf pulls or product.  No debris or 'trash'.  Generally rescued by a diver intact, and the contents are not examined/sorted until a later time.

and what did my MGB contain, you ask?!
MGB box:
Valentine leftovers! 
 (35) bags of lollipops
(10) heart-shaped boxes of chocolates
(9) bags of individually wrapped chocolates
(48+) boxes of valentines
...and more!

and the MGB bag:

Shelf pulls (at 'Sell By' date, or slightly damaged)! 
 (5) bags pretzel sticks
(24) Cheesecake / dip mix boxes
(2) boxes ccrackers
canned olives, stew, spaghettios, a candle and a sealed spice with a cracked lid. 

That's all 'fine' you say, but what do I do with it??

First, I take what we can use,
Then I invite our sweet neighbors to go shopping!!

The remainder is then divided up between family , local soup kitchen, Church surplus food pantry, and a friend who makes gift baskets for nursing homes / shut-ins!  There are so many people out there that TRULY appreciate all this 'waste'.
...only a small amount diverted from the landfill, but this is where it begins - right?

be well


Shara said...

I saw almost an identical dumpster haul on YouTube. It’s a shame DY tosses all that stuff when it could be donated or given away somehow. Glad you rescued it!!

svelteSTUFF said...

SHARA - THANKS for stopping by and saying 'hi' ! I miss all of my blogland buddies ;-)