Sunday, July 6, 2008


Only a few 'stuff' finds found there way home from VT-NH-ME with us...

The long saught after CONFETTI Bowl...

No, it's not an original - but the price was right, and I'll enjoy it until my hearts desire is found (that would be an old one with the Main color of red... just in case anybody out there has one sitting around, that they are looking to get rid - ha,ha!) !!

KOKOPELLI Keyring - Mexican Silver...I fell in love with Kokopelli during a trip to AZ several years ago - don't ask me why - I'm definitely NOT in the market for a ' fertility deity'! Found at a Tiny thrift for $1. (Sorry Bean, this one is all mine!!)

We did stop at one shop that had a few COCONUT HEADS... $25. Each!!! - NOT! A few pieces of sea glass came along for the ride 'in land'... but I forgot to photo them!

Friday found us travelling locally, and our stops enroute were very fulfilling!!A Royal Haeger Bowl and Haeger vase ($3 ea.)

A set of red clay Canadian pottery (resell!)

Saturday proved to be MUCH LESS productive! Only 4 sales listed in the paper - 2 of which ended up being 'drive bys' (sp?) as they only had about half a dozen kids' toys on the sidewalk!!

The theme of the day seemed to be HALLOWEEN! Don't get me wrong, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I found Four NWT (new w/ tag) dish towels and two witches hat dishes for .25¢ ea at the first sale.

The second sale caught me a bit off guard. The woman or should I say 'Girl' (young actually - about My age... ha,ha) having the sale was in the middle of a divorce - and His stuff HAD TO GO! When I picked up a Pirate Mask I was instantly informed "50¢ if you'll just get it out of here!". It did come home with me - just because I am a sucker for anything that combines nautical & Halloween! That was all that I was able to bring myself to purchase there... the 'stuff' just didn't have good karma! Call me weird, but it is what it is.

The free pile at the first sale was BOUNTIFUL!! A milk bottle from a dairy in PA, a new package of gold gauze w/ wire edge ribbon, a 'BEE MERRY' ink stamp and a NEW in cellophane Large (70') roll of Christmas Paper.Now, I must return to reality... unpacking, laundry, mail/bills, tending to neglected-for-a-week gardens... hmm, maybe I'll even throw a little cooking in there today... MAYBE! (I love to bake, but cooking is generally beyond my comprehension!!)

HOPE everyone had a Wonderful 4th of July!!

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Shara said...

We are Cherokee and have a large suply of Native American things - Kokopelli included. Good to know you like him though, I'll keep that in mind. ;o)

I'd love to find a Confetti bowl too. I saw one once and it looked like the dog had been eating out of it, so I passed.

I must say, that Pirate head is freaky. Yikes.