Friday, July 25, 2014


Today was the 'unofficial start' of our Rt 90 Sale.  By my second stop, my trip was 'complete' and I could have gone home a HAPPY GIRL for a mere .50 cents (of course I DIDN'T)!
Yes, my long desired CUTCO 1025!  For those not familiar with CUTCO - they are Made in the USA (NY to be exact), used to be part of CASE KNIVES, high-end, lifetime guarantee.  From same geographic area as Corning Glass (Pyrex), Zippo Lighters, & Case Knives. I'm not enough of a cook / chef to warrant a set of CUTCO in my own kitchen.  The site of our annual Xmas Cookie Baking has a COMPLETE SET!  I always stake claim on the 1025, as it is PERFECT for cutting 'bar cookies'.
  Now, I have my VERY OWN $45 BAR COOKIE CUTTER (ha,ha)


Shara said...

Always fun to find something you have had your eye on.....Someday I will show up at your door for that cookie baking party. Or maybe the day after just to reap the GOODIES!

EM said...

Yay! Congrats on finding something you've really been wanting.

Cheapchick said...

That was a serious score - I will have to look out for those.

Marci said...

My son sold Cutco for a few months, of course talked us into a set. Worth every penny. What a score you found! I would love to find that size!